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At USO Biomedical Services, we know properly functioning medical equipment is crucial for providing the best quality of care for your patients. We offer a variety of services to guarantee your medical equipment operates as intended. Our goal is to help ensure your practice runs smoothly by providing timely and reliable service including repairs, maintenance, inspections, and certifications.

Our Services

Over time, your medical devices may experience unexpected failure and require service. We offer timely, reliable repairs for your medical equipment. For your convenience, most repairs can be performed on-site. These services include: 

  • On-site repair of all makes and models of medical and dental equipment
  • We keep a large inventory of commonly required repair parts
  • Dental handpiece service
  • Instrument sharpening and service, including color coating

A regular preventive maintenance plan for your biomedical equipment ensures that parts are maintained, calibrations are certified annually, and potential failures are identified and corrected. We highly recommend following an annual preventive maintenance program to ensure the safety, accuracy, and reliability of your biomedical equipment. Preventive maintenance services we provide include: 

  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of critical internal components
  • Periodic replacement of batteries
  • Periodic replacement of consumable parts (sterilizer gaskets, ECG leadwires, etc)
  • Full function testing of the equipment with digital vital signs simulators
  • Qualitative testing is always recorded with Test Results Measurements

Calibration is critical to maintaining the accuracy of a medical instrument. The integrity of medical equipment can be compromised if regular calibration, maintenance or repair is not performed, and false diagnostic readings may occur. Our CBET certified biomedical technicians calibrate your medical equipment using test equipment calibrated with standards traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We calibrate biomedical equipment used in doctor’s offices, clinical research, schools, EMS and government agencies. We offer:

  • Annual Calibration Certification Inspection of medical and dental equipment
  • Annual Calibration Certification of medical and lab equipment used in clinical trials
  • Calibration Certification for new medical and dental equipment
  • Annual Pipette Calibrations
  • Documentation of the Calibration Certification is provided, and a Calibration Certification Label is applied to all equipment tested

At USO Biomedical Services we offer a variety of safety inspections and testing. 

  • Electrical Saftey Inspections
    An electrical safety inspection is necessary to prevent any hazards of using defective or improperly grounded medical equipment. This test is required to ensure the biomedical devices operate and meet the safety standards such as NFPA 99, which set the Standards for Healthcare Facilities for equipment used in patient care areas in hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare provider centers. This is recommended to be performed annually for most equipment and semi-annually for any equipment in operating rooms using anesthesia under Florida Law. 
  • GFCI Testing
     A GFCI outlet is a safety device that helps protect individuals from electrical shock. This type of outlet should be tested to ensure proper operation and should be performed semi-annually for operating rooms using anesthesia under Florida Law.
  • Electrical Outlet Tension Testing
    This is to ensure electrical outlets including those in the operating, recovery and patient care areas are all working correctly and have retention force that meets requirements as well as proper voltage and polarity. In operating rooms using anesthesia, these are required to be tested semi-annually under Florida Law.

We buy and sell pre-owned medical equipment. We also offer new equipment and accessories. This portion of our site is under development, please call us at (352) 551-5640 for more information on our available inventory. 


We service a wide range of medical equipment. If you aren’t sure about a piece of equipment or if you don’t see it listed, please give us a call at (352) 551-5640

  • Audiometers
  • Autoclaves
  • Digital BP Monitors
  • ECG Machines
  • Holter Recorders
  • Manual BP Units (Mercury and Aneroid)
  • NST Machines
  • Patient Thermometers
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Scales – Adult, Baby, and Lab
  • Slit Lamps
  • Spirometers/PFT
  • Telemetry ECGs
  • Treadmills
  • Titration System CPAP
  • Vitals Monitors
  • A1C Analyzers
  • Cell Counters – ESI only
  • Centrifuges
  • Hemocues – cert only
  • Immunoassay Analyzers
  • Incubators
  • Microscopes
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Pipette Calibrations
  • Temp Monitors
  • Tube Rockers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Urine Analyzers
  • Biopsy Punches
  • Colposcopes
  • Dermatology Systems
  • Electrosurgical Units/LEEP/Hyfrecators
  • Endoscopes Powered Procedure Chairs
  • Hysteroscopes
  • Scissors
  • Sleep Diagnostic System
  • Smoke Evacuators
  • Suction Pumps
  • AED Defibrillators
  • Blanket Warmers
  • Diagnostic Sets(otoscope/ophthalmoscopes)
  • Exam Lights
  • Exam Tables
  • Gel Warmers
  • IV Pumps
  • Nebulizers – Cert Only
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • X-ray view Boxes
  • Amalgamators
  • Consoles
  • Dental Chairs
  • Exam Lights
  • Hand-pieces
  • Hand-piece Cleaners
  • IR Curing Lights

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